Birds and Bob Marley

Signs –

Before my dad passed away in July 2018, I did not think of signs. I did not believe, or should I say, I did not even consider someone who has passed could show me signs. I am admittedly the least observant person when it comes to “things.” I observe people, behaviors, but I do not pay attention, but I am getting better. I am sure I wrote about this previously.

After my dad passed, there were obvious signs. Strange things that happened. I will leave that for another time. I am sure I can hear some of your eyes rolling. I would have been one of them, especially as I was raised to believe in heaven and hell. Once you are in one of these places, depending on your belief in Jesus, you would enter one of these places. To be frank, this kind of theology and thinking scared the hell out of me. I believed you do not communicate with loved ones once they left this earthly realm. The departed was either walking streets of gold or burning in hell for eternity. Thankfully I do not believe this any longer. Our loved ones are with us. Again, I am not here to prove this or make anyone believe. I am not making this up because I am desperate to connect with those who have left this earth. I am not being deceived by Satan.

After my mom passed away, I knew my parents were reunited. This brought some comfort. Not to mention they lived a great life. They were and are loved by so many. Friends, family, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Lives well lived.

Birds have been a sign to me. Yes, birds are beautiful, angelic (most of them). They flit around singing and eating. Full of life and color. Whenever I am thinking of my mom and dad, or having a good old cry, inevitably two birds fly by. This happens on a regular basis and the exact moment. One time driving to see my daughter, I was driving a country road, having a good old cry. We had just lost our son in law tragically. Two hawks appeared out of a hedge and flew next to my car in what felt like a very long time. You may see hawks, but they are usually soaring high in the air, gliding.

Recently I have rescued two birds from what surely would have been their demise. I notice these birds.

Dash Point State Park

After we spread my parent’s ashes at Dash Point Park near Seattle Washington, I was talking to my youngest daughter. We were crying, reminiscing and watching the ashes in the water. Just then two geese flew right in front of us. At that very moment. It was dusk and previously silent. It was a sign. We both gasped and smiled.

Now, what I had never thought would be a sign from my parents is Bob Marley. Anyone who knows them will be thinking, “What is she actually talking about?”

 There was no “No Woman No Cry” or “Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright” blasting in my home. If it was Neil Diamond or 50’s music, then I would be reminded of my parents and smile.

Years ago, my mom told me a story. A man from their church was turning 70. They were invited to his surprise birthday party. As my parents were looking for that special gift, they saw a Bob Marley t-shirt. They thought “What a perfect practical joke” as they knew this man was not a Bob fan. They did get something else as the real gift. The birthday boy opened his present. My mom said the look on his face was priceless. He had NO idea who this big face was on a t-shirt. He kindly thanked my parents. Then my mom and dad busted out laughing. I am sure he was very relieved to know it was a joke. Obviously it was a joke because they knew he would be clueless, but kind.

This story, for some reason, stuck with me. We did talk about it a few more times but it was not like some of the stories your family has on repeat. You know the ones. We all have them. We have several in my family. It may be these are on repeat because we love to laugh, or we forget we have told the story 345 times. The jury is still out.

So back to Bob….

After my mom passed away suddenly in Sept 2019, I swear to all that is holy, every time I got into my car and turned the ignition (because who turns off their radio before turning off the engine?), BOB is blaring. Different songs each time, some of the same. Honestly, it was becoming such an obvious sign/joke that I would voice clip my best friend Krista and say, “Bob is back” or “Hey look! It’s BOB.”

Let me first say, I was not listening to some Reggae station. I actually cannot stand any radio station in the UK. Do better UK (side note for all you radio owners who are reading this). However, there is an oldies station. You know ‘oldies’ 70’s and 80’s. The classics. My era. OLD. This is where Bob resides.

Whatever one believes, here is what I know. When I see two birds flying in front of me, beside me, or standing watching me. I think of my mom and dad and I smile.

When Bob comes on the radio, I laugh. I send Krista a voice clip and I think of my mom and dad and I smile.

Thank you mom and dad for always showing me you are around. Showing me that we are never apart. We are connected.