Grief In The Workplace Training

Loss of any kind can be devastating for your employee. Having the right support is crucial for their well-being and yours. Grief will impact their entire life, including their work.

Whilst grief and loss are not limited to losing a loved one through death, this training is focussed on loss through death.

It is estimated that around one in ten workers are affected by a bereavement. This likely increased significantly during the pandemic – recent research suggests as many as 24% of employees are bereaved in any one year.

How do you support your bereaved employee when they return to work? You may have support in place after an employee returns from long term sick or maternity leave but what about bereavement?

It is ok if you do not have anything in place. That is where I come in.

My 90-minute training program is aimed to help HR Managers, Directors, CEO’s, Supervisors and your management team. You will gain a better understanding of what a grieving person may be going through and how you can support them so they feel valued and seen.

You do NOT need to carry the burden and feel as if you must be their counsellor, therapist or coach. However, you will learn tools on how to navigate this time for your employee, other members of staff and yourself.

This training will be packed with information, resources and open conversations and interactive.

Topic and discussion points include;

  • What is grief and why do individuals process loss differently?
  • How does grief “show up” in an individual?
  • What impact might this loss have on the employee and their work?
  • How might this impact other staff members and the management team?
  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • Grounding techniques for your management team
  • Q&A
Every organisation is different. Different culture, different ethos, different mission and values. My goal is to learn more about who YOU are as an organisation and cater to your team to ensure every attendee leaves this training feeling equipped, educated and empowered.


90-minute online training via Zoom £350

90-minute in person training £550

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