Do Your Best

I have been reflecting on these words I have heard and said a million times. “Do your best.”

As long as you “do your best” that is all that matters. I have wondered if I really mean it. If someone’s best is not my best, do I really mean these words?

Answer: YES!

The saying, “We are in the same storm but not in the same boat” or something to the effect. Sometimes there are days when “my best” is simply to get out of bed, take a shower, work, and maybe do the dishes. I admit this is rare but I have been fortunate to have my health. Others are not as fortunate. Most days, my best is pretty damn good.

What do you hear when someone says, “Do your best?” Do you think, “Yeah well you have no idea what I am going through or the stress I am under.” Perhaps you think, “Easy for you to say, you have it easy,” and so on and so on and so on.

Like many of us, I wonder if your best isn’t “good enough” (for you) and you berate yourself for “only” doing this or that. Living in shame and guilt is no life at all!

I would ask this question; “How is that working for you?” My guess is, it is not.

Self-love, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and just being ok with your damn self is something I think many of us struggle with. I do and I know others do as well.

Does this mean you shouldn’t push yourself out of your comfort zone, learn and experience new things, eat better, exercise, be more loving, take care of yourself and others?

Obviously not.

Perhaps some days you wake up and all you can do is brush your teeth, maybe slap on some deodorant so your loved ones are not offended by you and your stench. Maybe that day is all you can do. That IS doing your best that day. This must be celebrated instead of shaming or berating yourself.

The days you can do more, do it! Do your best that day.

I recently posted on social media a comment about how we talk to ourselves. Would we speak to our loved ones the way we speak to ourselves? Hell, would we speak to a stranger the way we speak to ourselves. If we did, would these words be considered abusive? Toxic? Or would they be loving, kind, and encouraging?

It is one of the most difficult things I have had to work on. A habit that needs to be broken, that is breaking. A habit that I battle every day. A battle that I am bound and determined to win!

I encourage you to “Do your best” today and every day.

Then, when you do, CELEBRATE!

As a Life Coach, there is nothing better than receiving messages from clients who are celebrating their success that day, that moment.