No matter how hard you try

No matter how hard you try, something gets in the way.

Do you ever feel like this? You ‘do’ all the right things and yet something always seems to get in the way.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have a great analogy. My boyfriend is from Nottingham. His family still lives there so we take several trips over to visit his sisters. Every single time I think “Oh I need to get a photo of the “Nottinghamshire Robin Hood County” sign that is on the side of the motorway.”

I usually forget where the sign is but I’m prepped this time. Camera in hand and before you ask or jump to some judgey conclusion, I am not driving. I am ready! I am going to post this photo on my social media. Mostly for my American friends. I mean, it is a big deal for us, it’s home of Robin Hood.

Each time I miss it. Either another car is in the way, someone phones me, or I simply forget where this freaking sign is. Not this time! Oh no! Not this time!!

Camera in hand, I can feel the sign is approaching. Darren moves to the slow lane and slows the car down enough to not get a ticket for going too slow.

Here it is! Here is it!

Snap! Photo taken. I am so excited that I finally got a photo of this sign that welcomes folks into Robin Hood County.

I excitedly look at the photo and do that thing with your fingers to zoom in.

What is that? What the hell.

As I look closer there is a mile marker placed right in front of the sign. I mean what genius decided that was the best placement? I am not sure if it was the council that paid for this Robin Hood County sign but what a waste of money. There is another sign that is in the way of what they want people to see. Let us be honest, how many people notice mile markers?

Then I thought, there must be a life analogy here. Have you ever thought you know where the sign is, you know what direction you are supposed to take and then some stupid thing gets in the way and your sign or direction isn’t as clear? Do you think you’re on the right path but are distracted by that thing?

Even though this mile marker sign was in the way, we knew we were heading the right direction, even though the sign was obscured. I did not have the full picture but I knew I was heading the right way.

I can relate this to so many things in my life. Can you? You know you are on the right path, things get in the way, but you just know. Someone says something to you that knocks you off course, puts that doubt in your mind,

 “Maybe she’s right? Maybe I shouldn’t start a business when I have children at home.”

“Maybe I am not smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, young enough.”

“I don’t have the time or money to pursue the thing that lights my soul on fire.”

“Maybe I am too old.”

Whatever that thing is that is getting in the way for you.

Something distracts you, and you get off course. How do you get back on track?

My tips:

  1. Keep moving forward. The only way to become unstuck is to keep moving (no matter how slow or fast).
  2. Surround yourself with like minded people who understand what it means to follow those things that set your soul on fire.
  3. Do not listen to those who are not doing it.
  4. Your intuition, your gut, your soul is screaming to you that you are on the right path, do not ignore it.
  5. Invest in yourself whether that be financial, spiritual, mentally, physically, etc…You will need all of this to remain resilient when the distractions come.

But Lisa, how do I know if I am on the right path? I get it, it can be hard to trust yourself. Especially if you view the things you have tried in the past as failure instead of learning opportunities. Remember, you can’t hate yourself better, or shame yourself into a passion filled life. It doesn’t work. Trust me, I know.

 The moral of this story is when you know you are on the right path, you feel it in your soul, even if things get in the way or you get distracted. Even when people can’t see what you see.

 Keep going!