Thank you Nana

Today I thanked my maternal grandmother. You see, she grew up in an abusive home. I heard some of the stories from my mother when I was older. My grandma had a hot coffee pot thrown at her and sustained 3rd degree burns on her chest.

She was continuously told she was ugly and worthless. She was beaten and verbally abused throughout her childhood.

My grandmother, Sarah Ann Lewis, broke the cycle of abuse. Because of this, my mother only knew love and acceptance.

John & Sarah Lewis
Married September 1943

I thanked my grandfather too. Unfortunately he died before I was born. I am sad I never knew him. But I know he loved my Nana from the moment he first laid eyes on her. She was beautiful, inside and out. They only met once in person. He was deployed the next day. They wrote to each other every day for an entire year. He proposed to her in one of those letters. When he arrived home, they married.

I am so grateful to my grandparents for creating a loving home. Creating a safe space for my mother and my aunt. I am grateful that my Nana and Grandpa loved their children unconditionally. This decision formed who my mom was.

My grandmother made a choice to break that cycle and chose to be the exact opposite. She left a legacy of love.

Seattle Washington
July 19, 1949

I am forever grateful.

Thank you Nana.